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Thermal transfer tapes

     From our company you can purchase thermal transfer ribbon (marking ribbon) for printing on self-adhesive labels, flexible roll packaging (film), textile (sewn-in) labels.




     Thermal transfer ribbon is used for printing or reprinting any information on a label or packaging, such as product name, description, composition, characteristics, shelf life, etc. With this printing method, the ink layer of the ribbon is transferred (that’s why it’s called thermal transfer printing) to a label or package, due to the heating of a head on a printing device (label printer or thermal transfer printer).


     BelInterMarket LLC offers a full range of thermal transfer ribbons:


Wax ribbon. It is the most common material for industrial marking. Ideal for printing on paper labels and tags. The advantage of this type of ribbon is low cost. The disadvantage of wax-based ribbons is the low resistance to abrasion and external influences when compared to other types of ribbons.


A wax-and-resin ribbon contains a higher percentage of resinous substances. Resin substances have a higher melting point, which increases the melting point of the ribbon. Because resins are harder than wax, image durability, chemical resistance, as well as abrasion and scratch resistance are greater than wax-based ribbon. Wax and resin ribbon can be used on glossy or smooth surfaces, synthetic materials. Wax and resin ribbons are slightly more expensive than wax ribbons.


Resin based ribbons contain the highest percentage of resinous substances. Printing with resin ribbons is carried out at high temperatures of the print head because the resins have a high melting point. The resulting printed image has a very high resistance to chemicals, heat, abrasion and other environmental conditions. Resin ribbons are best suited for use on textile or clothing labels such as (nylon/satin), gloss coated materials such as polyester, labels that must be exposed to harsh environments such as chemical drum labels, medical and pharmaceutical labeling, as well as industrial and automotive applications. Resin based ribbons are the most expensive of the thermal transfer ribbons.


Hot Stamping Foil 
Hot Stamping Foil is mainly used in the food industry to mark a production date of goods. It is used to apply variable information on the product packaging surface, including date, batch number and other data necessary for manufacturers. It has a good coloring capacity and excellent abrasion resistance. The principle of applying to the surface is different from thermal transfer printing! The foil is much thicker and is applied with typesetting dies that are heated and embossed onto the surface of the print material.


You can purchase thermal transfer and textile ribbons in our company at the best prices in Belarus.


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Video demonstration of application of thermal transfer ribbon:


Printing on roll self-adhesive labels, tags:



Printing on flexible roll packaging (film):



Printing on nylon and satin ribbon:



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